What We Do


As a Trading Company, Creative Textile Sourcing is worked in covering all parts of fare and import tasks and strategies. We may purchase items in our nation and sell in various nations according to purchaser interest and determination. We distinguish serious providers and makers, arrange and buy their items and sell them straightforwardly or in a roundabout way through abroad accomplices.


As a Sourcing claim to fame, Creative Textile Sourcing works for our esteemed unfamiliar clients who needs to source qualified makers and premium quality items for their serious business sectors specific choosing from our Product Showcase/Select Your Product interface or in any case with various explicit item territory of client or organization. Our obligation isn’t restricted however incorporates: 

• To recognize trust-commendable makers and providers of items after assessment 

• To arrange the costs for shared understanding of the two sides 

• To set terms of conveyance and method of installment 

• To create items according to clients’ necessities 

• To orchestrate pre-shipment assessment with shared understanding 

• To oversee dispatching records agree to trade and import prerequisites


As an Intermediary Creative Textile Sourcing works in specific business or trade operations where we do not present ourselves as a buyer or seller but as an intermediary that apply either a fee structure of certain fix amount or as a commission on export and import goods value. Our relationships with clients (usually the exporter/sellers) are established through an Intermediary Contract for Trade Operations.

“We facilitate how customers ‘will-to-do’ business with us …”